The “Lost”

This past week, I spent a couple of nights a church leadership retreat.  This line has stayed with me:


I could spend some time talking about the New Testament and the idea of lost, but that is better left to others. Instead, I want to dig into this as it relates to school.

How quick are we to blame the student if he/she does get it the first time?  We might say things like this about it:

  • I taught it, they didn’t learn it.
  • They have so much potential, but they don’t use it.
  • It’s no their fault.  They have a rough home life.

Other times we blame the parents or society for the problem.  In reality, we must be like the shepherd and be relentless to find the lost sheep in the Bible.  We cannot blame student for being lost.

In addition to parents and students, we may also blame other educators.  I know, that at times, I am guilty of not being understanding of how someone does not____.  This may be the teacher who is nervous about trying a new strategy.

So how do we stop blaming and start finding the lost.  We start with empathy and share what we know.   When “the lost” has been  found, we need to celebrate it.

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