Earn Your Break

Last week at the gym, I got down right irate(actually in my head-that would not be me to get hot).  The instructor of the class said, “Earn your break.”  It really annoyed me.  Here am I sweating hard, lifting heavier weights, my heart rate above the goal area  I didn’t need that right now.  Can’t she see how hard I am working?  By the screen, I could see that most of the class was pushing it hard as well.  She was up on the platform walking back and forth.  She really never got down to provide feedback.


I tell you that story because this type of  frustration happens to many of our students.  When faced with a similar situation, he/she may say something under his/her breath or get irate and disrupt the class.

Now, I have gone back and heard other instructors use the same phrase.  I’ve come to the conclusion it is all about context.  I didn’t get annoyed because the instructor was moving around the gym and giving specific feedback to others.  I felt like she saw my hard work and was pushing me positively.  I felt respected.

I also tell you this second part because the same student who might react in the first example may not react as negatively when context has changed.  During the lesson, specific feedback was given and in the end the student felt respected.

Knowing my experience with this one phrase.  I am really going to focus on the context of my off the cuff remarks.  What may seem like nothing to me may be really huge for someone else.

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