Be the band you want to hear

Be the band you want to hear.

This is a line that I heard yesterday at the Wonder Workshop. This line has really resonated with me. Before I attempt to dig into that line, I want to talk about a string I feel has pulled me along this year.

  • First-I chose my #oneword-Matter
  • Second-My small faith read Mama Bear Manifesto and had the author(my dear neighbor) come talk to us. The chapter about doing the work that you can and don’t be someone else spoke to me. On the way home, I asked Leslie if see wanted to come with me to Wonder Workshop.
  • Third-I had the pleasure of Glennon Doyle Melton speak. She spoke about the power of being present and sitting with the pain. We need to not to press the Easy button to try to avoid it.
  • Finally-Leslie and I arrived at the Wonder Workshop where I met face to face two of my favorite educators, Karen and Allyson. If the day was only talking to these three wonderful women, I would have been thrilled. It was so much more.

As I read this line, I think about it in terms of my creation in the world. I need to write the blog I would want to read. I need to create a PD that excites me. I should create things that have value and meaning to me. It goes back to something that I heard Glennon say at her event.It is easy to be liked, but it is hard to be loved. When I create likable things, I am not necessarily pouring my heart into it and yet creations that are loved have my heart in it and they matter.

I just looked at my notes near that quote is are these 3 lines:

  • Work is love made visible.
  • We want to be wowed.
  • We want to care.

As I read these three statements, I think of a Facebook comment about one of my creations. She said, “Thanks for pouring your heart into this labor of love.”  It wasn’t as powerful as it is now. It also means that someone out there is waiting to be read, see or hear my creation and be wowed or prompted to care. This puts an enormous responsibility on me to show up and create.

The other line that I think all of us needs to hear is:

Be who you needed when you were younger.

Throughout the whole day, I could not stop and think my own children. Every time he described wonder, I remember another moment with my children or times in the classroom. As an educator, I am committing to seeing the wonder of learning. As a parent, I commit to enjoying the moments of wonder with them.

Thank you, Brad Montague, for creating a space for inspiration to take flight. Thank you, Allyson, for the invitation. Thank you, Karen, for hopping on the plane and showing up. Thank you, Leslie, for saying yes to something you usually say no to.



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