One Good Thing

This blog post is my response to the #DCSDBlogs challenge prompt: One Good Thing. Read more about the challenge here. The week has only begun so I reserve the right to change my one good thing. 

As I have previously posted, Friday was an amazing day. One of the powerful pieces was that I kept thinking I wish ____ was there. I was just talking about this with _____. What was even more exciting was the fact that size and variety of people I wished were with me. So dear readers, I thought I’d celebrate my PLN with a few quotes from that day!  -weekly menu-

Thank you dear readers and my PLN for always traveling with me.

BONUS: Here’s a pep talk about a pep talk.


One thought on “One Good Thing

  1. WOW! Just WOW! What a powerful post Megan. I know we have had many discussions about this very topic. That workshop that you went to must have been pretty amazing if it was anything like his pep talk about the pep talk video. We need to keep self-doubt away from what we do! Thanks for all you do! ❤


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