Day1: Never Stop Growing

Today the teachers have begun to come back. I may have been singing The Boys are Back in Town this morning. We welcomed back some of our teacher leaders. I will be spending the next two and half weeks leading(learning) professional learning for various groups of educators. I realize that great PD causes the leader to learn as well as the audience. I am committing myself to pause and reflect on what I learned.

Session: George Couros


My favorite moment: When he called me out for using the giant post-it notes. We do all this work, and then we never capture the notes from them. I can do better. I had a PD planned for next week, and I am adjusting to make better and resource for teachers. I saw several great ideas on how to engage a large audience. I will

My Next Steps: I had a half day PD  planned for next week, had being the key word. My goal is to get rid of the giant post-it notes. I plan on being transparent about my new learning and how I adapted it based on my new learning. If I don’t grow and apply my learning, why should I ask others to do it.

Thanks, George Couros for pushing me to grow!



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