Day 2: It’s about the students

I will be spending the next two and half weeks leading(learning) professional learning for various groups of educators. I realize that great PD causes the leader to learn as well as the audience. I am committing myself to pause and reflect on what I learned.

Day 2:

Session: NIET Rubric Modules

My Big Ah-has:

  • 99.9 percent of our district initiatives are aligned and pointing the same way. I get goose bumps thinking about how they interconnect.
  • Keep the goal of any professional learning: what do we want to see in classrooms. I want to see these things in my children’s classroom:
    • Students owning their learning
    • Students knowing the target and figuring out how to meet it.
    • Teachers and students learning together.
  • It’s always about the students.

Tomorrow will be another awesome day. Looking forward to being inspired by the work of so many teachers, principals, and other leaders tomorrow.

Mrs Megan Morgan1


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