Opportunity to Learn

I was giddy with excitement that I had organized the day, so I could attend Common Formative Assessment. The teachers I support spent the previous day learning about it. A friend found me and made sure that I had a table of people to sit with it. I had opened my favorite note-taking tool. Everything was set for a successful day. Then I received some news. Throughout this training, I tried to stay in engaged in the learning.

Then I received some news. To me, in my world, it was huge. My plan for after school care fell through. I needed to problem solve and come through with a plan pretty quickly. Throughout this training, I tried to stay in engaged in the learning, and it was challenging. By the end of the day, I learned so much and extremely exhausted.

I tell you this story because this is the story of some of the students in our classroom. On a regular basis, students come to our classroom distracted and have the desire to learn. The battle I faced all day trying to remain present with my learning was exhausting. Here are some of the things helped me stay engaged.

  • Chris Jakicic made sure that she knew her audience and adjusted the learning for the people in the room
  • The content was meaningful, and I knew that I would be using it pretty quickly.
  • I had a team around me who knew me.

Aren’t these the same thing we would want for our students, learning that is meaningful and meets us where we are in a safe environment?


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