See Me

When I returned from the gym today, I realized that no spoke to me or even acknowledged me. I do want to preface that this is a class-based gym not a large group of machines gym.  I had an instructor in the front of the room and circulating throughout the class. She led the class with correct cueing and positive generic affirmations. On the surface, it looked like a great class, but she did not make eye contact with me once or make a comment about my work. I know enough about myself that I know I need an external motivation to keep going strong during the class. I left feeling off about my time in the gym. I really wanted to be seen for the work I was putting in today.

Thinking back to that class, here’s what I needed to push even harder. Look at me and give me feedback when you give us a challenging move. Make eye contact with me to let me know you see my hard work. Give me or my part of the room some specific praise about how we are doing. When you send us out for a sprint, high five us as we come back in the door. I can clearly articulate what I needed, but not all of our students can explicitly say what they need to learn. Unfortunately, most of us will not even share what we need with our instructor. What are we left to do?

Just last week, I finished reading Do You Know Enough About Me to Teach Me? Through a series of interviews, it brought home the idea all students want to their teachers to know them.  He also discussed the power of eye contact, gestures and facial expressions. These are some of the small things that help inspire students to learn. I also would add greeting your students at the door, using everyone’s name daily and give specific praise.

Dear Readers, I challenge you to make sure that no student leaves your classroom without being acknowledged.



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