Dear Danny-My Hopes for You

My son enters kindergarten in a week. It feels like yesterday that held him as newborn. As I wrote this, I thought of all of the other children who will be entering school with him this year.  The hopes for my son are my hopes for all the new students entering school this year.

Dear Danny,

I can’t believe that you are heading to kindergarten soon.  I am amazed how much you have learned since you were born. I remember you getting excited about learning letters and names of things.  As a teacher, I know so much about school and so I thought I’d let know about my hopes and dreams for you in these next 13 years.

I hope you are inspired to try something new daily.  I hope that you learn how to work hard and play hard.  I hope you laugh and have fun at school.  I hope that you look forward to Monday as much as I do.

I want you to learn how to work with others and by yourself.  I want you to struggle and learn how to handle the struggle.  I hope you read books that inspire you.  I hope that some of them are so good that you reread them in adulthood.  I dream that you do things that stick with you into adulthood.  I dream that you interact with the world while still in your classroom.

I dream that you have teachers that stay with you even years after you have left their class.  I want you to say to me, “Miss/Mr. ______ says….”  I want you to accidentally call them mom or dad because you know that they love so much.  I want you to see teachers give everyone a fresh start the next day, so that you give yourself permission to give yourself a fresh start when things don’t work out.

I want you to learn how to learn.  I hope you grow to be confident and brave.  I hope you continue to create.  I dream that you will be able to identify a problem and figure a possible solution.  I dream that you are humble enough to know that your solution is not the only way.  I want you develop patience with others who learn faster or slower than you.

Danny, notice very little in here is about content you will learn in the next 13 years.  Here’s my secret to you: school is place where you learn how to learn, grow and create.  So my little man grow, create and learn because I know great things are headed your way.


Your Mom

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