Be Brave

I did something really scary, but important.  I asked for feedback about my pre-coaching visit from a room of teachers.

Let me set the background.  Today was day 1 of training a group of Lead Teachers.  This group was there first time back from vacation and my first time with the group.  As a group we watched a video of me meeting with a teacher before I was going to go into her room to watch her teach.  I had taped it two different ways-A To-Do and Not To-Do.  As we watched the video, I was uncomfortable.  Be proud readers I did not have too much negative self talk. I made my own list of improvements.  I also found it was easier to watch the bad example because I wasn’t supposed to be good.

So I asked these two questions after I shared my video:

What-are-the-strengths (1)

It was wonderful to listen to the feedback the teacher leaders gave.  I will reflect on the feedback and improve my coaching technique.

Why did I open myself up this way?  I believe that I need to grow as a coach.  I have not nor will I master coaching.  With that in mind, I need to be transparent about my learning.  I am learning right with my team.  I also let the teachers know more about my mind-set.  If you want others to take a risk, then model what it looks like.

So, be brave.

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My #oneword update

This post was inspired by this tweet.

[On a side note, everyone should follow Sue Dunlop for two reasons: 1. She reads, comments and shares a ton of good blog posts.  2. She also writes a brilliant blog.]

So 2015 is over half-way over.  I did join the one word movement.  I chose Presence to be my one word.  You can read about why here.

Words added on

I see a huge change in my personal life.  I feel I have held true to I have been present at my son’s t-ball, watching my two kids climb, listening to my husband.  I find myself shutting off the next step and just enjoying my time with my family.  My worst fears were not realized.  The house did not follow down around us.  The children are still happy.  Actually more things were accomplished because I was not distracted.

I still have a ways to go.  I did succumb and bought a smartphone.  I find that I am quick to ask Siri a question instead of letting it go.  I also annoy my husband because when I check the weather here.  I give him the run down on the weather in other cities.  I will attempt to treat it like my old phone.

Now professionally, I am not there yet, but I know when I get busy and feel like my mind is racing and wandering I can take several deep breaths while focusing on the word.  It tends to solve the problem.  I also know that I had moments of greatness.  I think of the times I was in the classroom reading or working with children.  I was there with the students.  As my position changes, I know I will have to figure ways to continue to be present in the moment and enjoy it.

As I reflect back, here my action steps for the second half of the year:

  • Put down the smartphone.  I do not need to Google everything or check Twitter and Facebook.
  • When my mind starts to race, I will write down my to-dos to keep them organized.
  • I step away from tech when it distracts me from the conversation.

Thanks again Sue for tweeting brilliance!  And thanks to Donna Miller Frye for the great blog post.  So where are you on your #oneword?

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My One Word for 2015

I decided to join @TechNinjaTodd in another learning challenge.  I do need to say that his summer learning challenge forced me to be more connected to other educator.  You can read about his summer learning here.

So the first challenge this time is to find one little word to focus on this year.  You can read about this challenge here.

As I think about last year, I found I was always thinking about the next step.  This was necessary because last year was full of massive change.  I decided in January that I needed to move back to the midwest because my children needed to know their grandparents.

Packing, moving across country, grad school, and learning. Still smiling! #SummerLS #selfie

Here’s a few of the things I accomplished last year:

  • Prep and sell a house.
  • Find a dream job in the midwest.
  • Move my whole family to Iowa.
  • Buy a new house.
  • Get my M Ed.

I found myself busy thinking about what to do next instead enjoying what was happening around me.  I am proud of what I accomplished last year, but am sad that I didn’t focus on the ride.  So this year my little word is…

I am looking forward to listening to a student explain what happened without thinking about what’s next.  I am also looking forward to being “here” with my own kids.  I know that they are only this age once.  I don’t want to arrive at the end of my career and not enjoyed every minute of it.

So here’s to being in the present.