Telling Our Story Now

I watched A Christmas Story as I do every year.  The image of the school room stuck in my head, which was a very stylized version of 1940s school room: Everyone sat in rows, the big chalkboard and the teacher directed work.  That image was based on  one man’s memory.  It may or may not reflect the school rooms of the 1940s and it definitely does not look like a school now.

The reason I bring this up is because decisions about schools are being made by people who have their own image of the school room either from their own schooling or the media. The popular myth is that schools are failing and it is the lazy teachers’ fault.  In reality, more students are graduating each year and taking a more challenging curriculum.  So what are we to do?

It is time for us to invite our local officials into our classrooms to see the magic that happens daily.  Share our successes and our challenges with our friends and family.  Correct people’s misconceptions about teaching and learning.

I know if we don’t do this, the discussions had at the state and national level will not accurately reflect the true nature of the school room.

Thanks to my Edbeat voxer group who gives me inspiration and a voice daily.