My One Word for 2017

Over break, my body decided to rebel against me.  I had great plans to accomplish some important work instead I spent most of the time being sick.  I used that time to catch up with my Feedly and reflecting on last year’s one word.   This video from Seth Godin hit me over the head and I knew I had found my word for 2017.  Go watch the video.  I’ll wait.

In this video, he talks about the importance of caring enough and being brave enough to ship before it is ready.  This line is key, “Will you choose to matter?”

I have chosen Matter as my word.  In the past few years, I have really focused on the skills and steps I need to do to be better at work and at home.  It was just like Seth discussed about all of the clarinet lessons he took.


So how will this translate in my everyday life?

  • Health/Wellness: I will try out new workouts.  I am ready to think about a 5 K.  I will make it matter.
  • Faith:  I know the prayers, beliefs and rituals that go with my faith.  I will go beyond and be the music that other want to hear.  I will care deeply and be very brave as I really dig into my relationship with God.
  • Work/professional life: I will work to ship things before other may be ready.  I will work to innovate now.
  • Home/personal:  I care even more and be there.  I want my family to realize that they matter.

I could continue the list, but then it becomes one more thing.  Simply put, I am done taking lessons and will begin to play.




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