As I was driving to the gym on Sunday, I began to think how I see myself regarding fitness. I realized that treat myself as an athlete. I make decisions to ensure I get to the gym and eat somewhat healthy. I don’t make apologies for these choices, and I am confident in them. I think I would say that about most of the labels that are attached to me.

One label I want to own is writer or blogger. These words are not words I would use to introduce myself, and because of that, I do not always make plans to guarantee that I write frequently. When you sit down and talk to me, you would find that I have excuses why I did not write. The brilliant ideas are floating in my head, but I struggle to sit down and write. I honestly believe that if I shift my language and put on the label of writer, I will write more.

Dear readers, I bring this up to you because our students come to us with labels, either externally or internally imposed. Students who see themselves as artists are going to engage in the art classroom while the student who does not see themselves as an artist may not or even disrupt the class.

More importantly, how about that kid? You know the one that had that reputation since Kindergarten. She knows she is that kid. Our actions give it away. If our actions don’t, she will work hard to own this label.

As we get to know our students, our job is to create an opportunity where students can see beyond where they are now and add labels that will impact their future positively.

Reading and Listening that inspired this post:



This word has been swirling in my head for a while. I wasn’t confident that this would make sense and struggled how with how it would look like on social media. I had a couple of things that I saw that cemented that this is my word.

First, a Jon Gordon tweet suggested that your one word should inspire three actions every day.  I started to think about my word and the steps it would take.

Second, I saw all my previous One Words. I realized that I became better because I used that word to focus my efforts.  I committed to exercising and writing. I started to focus on what really matters.

So this year, I commit to being HUMBLE.  I will be humble by:

  • Listening to understand not to respond.
  • Striving for partnerships with others.
  • Seeking knowledge from all sources.