I’ve had a series of signs that made me think about my language.  No, not my potty mouth, but how I talk about myself and how it reflects on me.  Stick with me as I describe these signs and hopefully I bring it nicely together for you my dear readers.

  1. My previous blog with this phrase: “You are enough.”
  2. A tweet that said, “I am just doing doing the mom thing.”
  3. My church leadership training that shared Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability. I have heard in the past and other parts have spoken to me, but this time the part when she talks about being enough around the nineteen minute mark.
  4. Feeling diminished when I brought up a concern about my body to my doctor.  I responded sheepishly that I just want this approach.


I really thought about all of these events and came to this conclusion.  I am flawed, but I am enough and I am worthy.  Also I realized that the language that I use does not convey that belief. As reviewed my speech, I found that I say, “I am just a teacher” frequently.  I also communicated that others may not matter by using just as well. I am committing to the banning of just and other weak words.

One of the reasons I share this with you is to become aware of your language and if you really communicate your worthiness.  Also do you communicate with others the belief that they matter just like you do.  I encourage you my dear readers to remove a word in your vocabulary that does not help us see each other fully and connect.