So, I have been doing this one word thing for several years now. It’s a great way to focus my year.  I realized that I became better because I used that word to focus my efforts.  I committed to exercising and writing. I started to focus on what really matters. Unfortunately, last year my word led to confusion. Last year, I instead of being humble; invited doubt into my habits.

As I reflected on this problem, I thought of some models of humility. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was humble, but she did not seem to doubt her decision to say yes. St. Mother Teresa did not question her choices. What I noticed with both of them, they had faith and trust in God. So this year, I am selecting Trust as my one word for 2018.


I need trust to in myself, in others, and most importantly in God. Brene Brown suggests that in addition to defining what does trust looks like in action we also need to identify when we are not living into our value.

I am living out trust when:

  • I will choose connection over isolation.
  • I will add value to others and myself.
  • I will treat myself as a trusted friend.

I am not living out trust:

  • I don’t assume best intentions.
  • I am silent when I need to speak out.
  • I question and doubt myself.

This will not be an easy task, but I know if I spend the time in small moments to build trust, I will create a better world.



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