30 Miles in a Month

This past month I ran 30 miles. This did not happen accidentally. It happened because I set a goal.


It sounds simple. Set a goal and then achieve the goal. I don’t know about you Dear Readers, but for me, it isn’t usually that easy. So why this time as opposed to all of the other times I set a goal. Here’s why I think it worked this time.

  1. I had a reward planned if I accomplished my goal. This weekend I am getting a pedicure.
  2. I communicated my goal with my support system. They knew this goal meant was important to me and they asked how I was doing at accomplishing my goal.
  3. I tracked my progress toward my goal.

We often tell teachers, students and other educators to set goals, but rarely do we talk about why some people reach their goals and others quit. How can I take what I learned and apply it to my work with instructional coaches?

  • I can ask the coaches to write smaller short-term goals. Sometimes a year-end goal is big to think about.  Small changes, done consistently, equal significant results.
  • I need to provide follow-up conversations and check-in around the goal they set. My friend Karen seemed to instinctively know when my willpower was fading and asked about how I was coming.
  • I can help them create goals that are measurable. A coach will not feel like they are making progress if the goal is to improve climate unless they know how to measure it.

I have my action steps for the upcoming month as I help teacher leaders set goals.

Since sharing my goals worked so well last month. I thought I would share them with you, my dear readers. I am committing to 12 workouts and 4 blog posts in September.  Don’t be afraid to ask me how I am doing.