The Power of And

I have been heartbroken lately with another school shooting. The loss of life is something that I don’t take lightly. I  saw the posts from teachers coming back into their classroom and pondering what would they do in that situation. Where would they move the students? What if it was one of their students who lost their life? The pain is real and raw for many.

As time has passed, I have started to see two different messages bubble up on my social media feed. The first group can be summarized as blame. I guarantee that there is enough blame for everyone and it won’t prevent this from happening again.  If anything, it is another way that we are dividing our nation more. Dear Readers, you know we can do better.

While the other group gives me hope. These posts suggest action that needs to be taken. Unfortunately, many assume that this is the only approach that will work. This idea that either we do this or that creates a false choice. We can and should do everything that will save our students’ and teachers’ lives.

So dear reader, it is time to embrace the power of AND.  So when a friend, colleague, teacher or neighbor says, ” I think we need better mental health care.” I want all of us to respond with acceptance and ask how they are going to help make that happen. We don’t need to spend our time arguing we just need to take actions that will move us forward.

Parkland, my thoughts and prayers are with you, AND more importantly, my actions are too.

Reading that influenced this post: