#Oneword 2016

This is my second year at doing the one word challenge.  Last year, it gave me focus when so much was going on.  So naturally I did it this year.  My word found me so fast.  My word is commit.


So what does this mean to me?  It means that I will pause before I say yes to add something on my plate.  It means that when I say yes, I will go all in.  So what I am committing to this year:

  • I commit to spending time reading every day.
  • I commit to improving my health.
  • I commit to laughing.
  • I commit to growing personally and professionally.
  • I commit to creating white space daily.

As easy as it was to find my word, I am struggling to find my #onesong.  I did what I know best which is to reach out to my PLN. I even asked Sean Gaillard to give me a list of songs to pick from.   Instead, he gave me the best advice.  I need to let that song find me and it is about me.  So I have adjusted my habits and taken to listening to my music with this in mind.  I haven’t found a song, yet (See there that growth mindset I was working on)  When I do, I will be ready to commit it too!


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