Worth reading 5/10

I had great plans of sharing what I read, but I got distracted-work and the let down of blogging for a month.  I feel like these are just few of what I read that was great.

What: 5 Tips For Managing a Fast Paced Twitter Chat

Who: Craig Kemp

Why: I have been a part of many twitter chats that seem to move so fast and with many participants that I get overwhelmed.  I see several tips that I will use for #read4fun chats.

What: Speaking out about race, poverty, riots, and our students

Who: Angela Watson

Why: She is being brutally honest about what is being said.  I felt like saying “Amen!” throughout this article.  I have seen poverty and the effects of racism on students.  She is not lying or exaggerating.  This is a must read.

What: http://tammyneil.com/2015/05/02/must-follows/

Who: Tammy Neil

Why: I love her honesty about creating your PLN on twitter.  We must all make our own way.

What: http://mrfarnum.weebly.com/ed-blog/when-we-talk-about-school-reform

Who: Sean Farnum

Why: He discusses the role student should play in educational reform plus at the end he recommends another great blogger.

What: http://risktolearn.blogspot.com/2015/05/loved-supported-and-appreciated.html

Who: Ryan Steele

Why:  This is the letter all principal want to write to their staff.  So often the words escape when you want to express these feelings but Ryan nails it.

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