My Dream for #dcsdpln

First here’s why I am sharing this.

I am so lucky to work with an inspiring group of women who talk about teaching and learning.  In several conversations, we talked about a hashtag for our district and the learning that occurs in our school whether it is by the students, parents or educators.  We did all the proper research.  We did try several on for size.  #dcsdtlcs or #dcsdtilt Both of these proved to be too narrow and it only a small part of the learning that is occurring.  So we decide to go with #dcsdpln.


What have we tweeted about:

My hope is that more and more educators in my district share their learning and the student learning that is occurring daily.  I want it to be a resource for teachers.  I want to create opportunities for collaboration locally and globally.  I want it to inspire and engage us.   I want it to create options for differentiated PD when we are available.

The exciting thing is this hashtag like all hashtags is not mine or the team’s.  Actually, it’s everybody’s.  Everyone in my district can help shape what the conversation is going to be about.  I can’t wait to see how things develop.

Feel free to follow along or even better join in.

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