Imperfect Courage

A little background before I jump into the meat of this post. I was voxering with my friend and thought partner, Sean Gaillard about books and my challenge of blogging currently. He suggested that I blog about what I am reading. I loved it. So here we go…

One of my latest reads was Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger. As I began reading this book, I sent this to one of my friends because we were just talking about this. Needless to say, this book spoke to me as I read.


My Favorite Quotes:

  • It’s tempting to bubble-wrap our lives. Layer upon layer of protection means we stay unbroken, right through the end….And yet what does this approach yield for us? A life of boredom, a lack of impact, spiritual death.
  • Respond to that prompting today. Don’t let another twenty-four hours pass in which you push off what you know you must do.
  • We can’t grow without vulnerability, and we can’t be vulnerable alone.
  • Judgment also shows up as a form of self-protection.
  • One sure way to know that a culture has shifted toward collaboration is this: when a group of people come together to truly share the load, division doesn’t divide; instead, it unifies.


How it will impact my work:

  • It’s time for me to remove my bubble wrap and go forward. My bubble wrap at work can be seen in my busyness. The air of busyness can push people away and keep isolated.
  • I will model vulnerability for others around me. I will trust that being uncomfortable is part of the process.
  • I will listen to my inner voice when it begins to judge and ask myself what I trying to protect myself from.
  • I will practice trusting the promptings and do it then and not later. (Big Hint for my blogging)

This book has the power to change me if remove my bubble wrap and stay consistent.



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