Mother Nature

I am over winter. The last two weeks have brought 5 days of no school, 1 2-hour early out, and 1 late start. As a mom, I am tired and looking forward to getting back to a routine. As a teacher, I also want us to get back to a routine.

Let’s be honest 2 weeks like this try us. For some families who are in poverty, this could be extremely challenging. Suddenly, you need to find money for the following: 10 more meals per kid, an increased utility bill just to keep the house at 60, and possibly child care for the days missed. Also, add to that list finding clothes to keep you and your children warm.  Please imagine the stress and guilt this must put on a parent.  Now imagine, being a child in this house where the parents are highly stressed. It’s not easy for them either.

As I think about these challenges, I realize as educators we each need to return to school with a smile on our face and welcome everyone back. We need to give each other grace as we try to get back to a routine. When a student forgets a routine, kindly remind them. Stand at your door and say hello to every single student. Create opportunities for students to talk.

We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can choose how we respond to each other.



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