Day 7: Why I don’t own a smart phone

I have a confession.  This is my phone:


Blows your mind that someone still has one. It doesn’t even have a camera.  My son is currently almost 5 1/2 years old.  I was given this phone the Christmas before he was born because my friend said, “You need a phone when you have kids.”  Before that I didn’t own a cell phone.  I took the phone and it has saved me occasionally when I locked my keys in the car or the car wouldn’t start.  It was in my purse.  I only added voice mail last summer.

This year I use it more than ever.  I use it to text and call my principal during the day.  At times, my work day would run smoother to have access to a camera and my e-mail on it.  I know so many people can tell how having it will make everything a better.

So here is my reasons for keeping my phone:

  1. I like not being connected to the internet when I am not at home or work.
  2. I like sitting at restaurant with my family without the pull of checking my e-mail or any other social media.
  3. People know that my phone is not like theirs so they do not include me in group text.
  4. I attend more closely to others when I do not have technology.
  5. I love that I spend less than $30 a month for my plan.

Yes, I will join the crowd, but right now my kids are small and I want to enjoy every moment with them and I don’t trust myself to enjoy completely with technology draw around us.  Please don’t judge!


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