My road block-ME!

Exactly 13 days ago, I wrote my last post.  I have had many experience that were “blog worthy.” I went to EdCamp leadership in St. Louis and came to an epiphany about myself.  I went a conference where I heard the author of Influencers speak. I traveled with my family and watched my son step out of his comfort zone.  I participated in a powerful think tank about digital learning in my district.  Why didn’t they get written? What stopped me?

I was tired.  I was busy working.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  I am traveling.  I am sure no wants to read about it anyway.  I have other things to do right now.  Just for the record, I hate excuses.  If I did this for others, then I would have apologized.  Instead I gave myself excuses.

I’ll tell you the world has a way of bringing a series of things to help me see the light.  First I started reading The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. It is broke into three sections. First about the road block to creativity, an action plan and finally when creativity hits.  I find myself quoting it to my dear sweet husband.  He knows I really enjoy a book when I constantly interrupt his reading.


I also heard a speaker speak yesterday about busy and how it is the status quo.  If continue to say I’ll do it when I have time, then there will never be time.  She also talked about forcing time to be in a quiet reflective place.  She told us when she didn’t do that she became grouchy or out of sorts.

I had a conversation with a friend  about how she really thinks that writing is great way to process and reflect.  We also talked about the blogging process.

Altogether, these experiences reminded me that I need to commit to blogging.  I think of my April, when I committed to blogging daily during an extremely busy part of the year.  I felt grounded albeit tired.  I am entering another busy period with the start of school, so I will need to process and think about my experiences.

So, I am telling you that I will commit to writing 25 posts by August 25th.  I will commit to spending time every night writing.  Does this scare me?  Heck YES! but I will do it.  I know that it what I need to do.  I am going “Pro” in blogging.



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